Haiku 336-338 to -355

Haiku 336-338 (12/1/16)

countdown to Yule
surrounded by joy
bah humbug

Haiku 366-339 (12/2/16)

encompassed by writers
tea and scones

Haiku 366-340 (12/3/16)

a day free
no adulting in sight
my bliss

Haiku 366-341 (12/4/16)

amid more writers
books for sale
in my element

Haiku 366-342 (12/5/16)

writing talk
passes the time
too much discussion of missing love

Haiku 366-343 (12/6/16)

holiday shopping
it never changes
feeling trapped

Haiku 366-344 (12/7/16)

infamy passes
after seventy-five years
infamy anew

Haiku 366-345 (12/8/16)

may be vanity
oh well

Haiku 366-346 (12/9/16)

Twenty haiku to go!

old dog
new tricks
Google Hangout writer talk

Haiku 366-347 (12/10/16)

no decorations
no desire for cheer
not getting over it

Haiku 366-348 (12/11/16)

no baseball
settling for football

Haiku 366-349 (12/12/16)

thinking of re-learning Russian
or capitulation

Haiku 366-350 (12/13/16)

forgot the garbage
remembered the pedi

Haiku 366-351 (12/14/16)

ninety-one years
on earth for fifty-four
wish I missed her

Haiku 366-352 (12/15/16)

six weeks later
discussing politics
toe back in water

Haiku 366-353 (12/16/16)

tiny ballerina
in my eyes
perfect plies and jetes

Haiku 366-354 (12/17/16

marriage union
cemetery chapel
bones will bless

Haiku 366-355 (12/18/16)

in the beginning
there was physics
big bang lights the dark

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