Haiku 366-1

Photo by Phyllis A. Duncan

Photo by Phyllis A. Duncan

For the first entry for Haiku 366, I may have picked a poser. Here’s how I selected these three cubes: I have a bag in which all my Rory’s Story Cubes (I have them all to date.) are mixed. I picked three cubes at random, closed my eyes as I shook them in my clasped hands, and dropped them on the counter. I rolled three because there are traditionally three lines in a haiku.

I see a beetle or a scarab, a Brontosaurus (or at least what we thought was a Brontosaurus when I was a kid), and a spaceship. You may see something else entirely, and that’s the point of Rory’s Story Cubes. You may decide to focus on a single cube or go completely abstract, and that’s all good, too.

So, what did I come up with?

scuttle like beetle
plod like Brontosaurus
future beckons

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