Haiku 366-83, -84, and -85

3/23/16 Haiku 366-83

minotaurs and hydra
god sons and trojan horses
myths all

3/24/16 Haiku 366-84

building teepees
as a child became
grown-up flying

3/26/16 Haiku 366-85

gift of music
soul listening
unburied joy

2 thoughts on “Haiku 366-83, -84, and -85

    • I’m sticking to the American format, which is 10 to 17 syllables (not the 5-7-5 taught in schools because Japanese syllables and English syllables don’t like up one to one) and three lines. I have seen some American format Haiku in a single line of up to 17 syllables.

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