Two Weeks of Haiku

Amazing what two weeks of a rewrite that wouldn’t let go and a writing conference does to one’s haiku-ing. But there’s good news and good news: The elusive ending for the 2014 NaNoWriMo draft finally presented itself, and the Virginia Festival of the Book was marvelous. I went to Alan Furst’s panel and had brunch with him–well, me and a couple hundred other people. Since he’s one of my inspirations, both events were, of course, inspiring.

With the festival of the book done, I decided it was time to restore my office to being an office instead of an office/storage room. When I emptied my storage unit into my attic, I stored something like 15 boxes of “stuff” from my old job in my home office. Now, I retired six and a half years ago, and I finally finished going through all those boxes on Monday. My office, my main writing space, is an office and writing space again.

This evening, then, with the moon rising over the Blue Ridge Mountains, I sat in my writing space and wrote fourteen haiku. The quality of some of them probably reflects that, but they put me back on track for 366 haiku in 366 days.

Here we go:

March 9 Haiku 366-69

cage won’t hold demon
well accepts evil

March 10 Haiku 366-70

life crawls from waves to land
in time to hear volcano

March 11 Haiku 366-71

cremains blasted
to the stars
listen for my passage

March 12 Haiku 366-72

en garde, lunge
retreat, reprise, riposte
eyes on target

March 13 Haiku 366-73

heart and rotors beat
sometimes speed
is the medicine

March 14 Haiku 366-74

come into my parlor-dungeon
mad scientist asks
where is spider

March 15 Haiku 366-75

animal spoor on snow
among the scattered seeds
cow lows

March 16 Haiku 366-76

pandora’s box mesmerizes
gods displeased
time to duck

March 17 Haiku 366-77

does the sheep wish
for an apple
falling star

March 18 Haiku 366-78

lines clipped
from a favorite book
happy memory

March 19 Haiku 366-79

mushroom dreams
make guards fall
eye opening trip

March 20 Haiku 366-80

study the pieces
before making a move
rapture for the capture

March 21 Haiku 366-81

witch or crone
spell casts the same
the cage beckons

March 22 Haiku 366-82

pregnant T-Rex fossils
and mammoth clones
pet pterodactyl come home