Rory’s Story Cubes Mini-Story #23

A bit of a “prequel” to my novel in stories, The Better Spy.

Photo by Jennie Coughlin

Photo by Jennie Coughlin

The MI-5 supervisor narrowed her eyes at Mai Fisher. “I need to delve deeper into why you volunteered for this project,” Alva Barr said.

“What’s there to examine?” Fisher replied. “I’m the right age. The physical similarities are obvious. I’m half-Irish. I’m more than acquainted with the culture; I’m steeped in it. In fact, in all the world, I’m probably the only operative who can pull off this undercover mission for you.”

Barr flopped back in her chair, as if Fisher’s words had been physical, and looked at Nelson. His face was neutral. Barr thought about what to say next and leaned forward, hands clasped on the tabletop.

“This will be no walk in the park, Ms. Fisher,” Barr said. “This is the IRA.”

“I’m aware of the danger, Ms. Barr, and I’m willing to accept the risk.”

“I see your partner is not here. I would like his opinion on this mission.”

Fisher mimicked Barr’s posture, though Fisher’s gaze was steelier than Barr expected. “That partnership is on hiatus. My director’s opinion is the only one you need,” Fisher said.

“Yes, but, your partner is also your spouse.”

Fisher’s expression didn’t waver. “That’s on hiatus as well.”

Barr again looked to Nelson, who gave her the barest of nods.

“Then,” Barr said, with a sigh, “it’s decided.”