Nightmare on a Loop

Rory’s Story Cubes Mini-Story #7


Photo by Jennie Coughlin

Sometimes Mai Fisher had nightmares. Mostly it was a single nightmare, which repeated itself when she was stressed.

She and Alexei walked in Red Square of all places, but they were tourists. They took the obligatory pictures before St. Basil’s and Lenin’s Tomb, but that didn’t fool the KGB. One man in the crowd pointed to Alexei and called him a traitor. Others began to do the same and pressed inward toward them.

In the growing crowd Mai got separated from Alexei, but she saw the uniformed KGB officers hustling someone away. The crowd kept her in place no matter how much she pleaded with them. An eternity later, someone dropped a blood-stained bag at her feet.

Every time she dreamed this, she told her nightmare self not to open the bag.

Every time she did.

Every time she woke screaming.