Hidden Agendas – A Novelette

Sequel to Who Watches the Watchmen?

HA Kindle FinalIn this sequel to Who Watches the Watchmen?, all good things must come to an end…and a new beginning.

For Mai Fisher, the political climate in the United States after the election of a conservative billionaire, who’s surrounded himself with deconstructionist, ultra-rightwing advisors, has become too uncertain. After a serious incident where her own assistant director betrayed information to a political campaign–information that affected the outcome of the election–she’s on edge. The Directorate’s investigation into that incident reveals that former assistant director intended to “give” The Directorate to the new administration as its private intelligence service.

She won’t let that happen and comes to the reluctant conclusion The Directorate has to cut ties with the U.S. and move to a new, more neutral location. She puts that in motion the day after the election, and she has to convince her husband and former partner that it’s necessary to leave their home of twenty-five years behind and move to a new country.

Mai can’t resist, however, executing one final act of subterfuge before she leaves, a reminder to those alt-right advisors she’ll be watching what they do.

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