Who Watches the Watchmen? – A Novelette

wwtw-front-coverPart one of a two-novelette series on the 2016 election, with my spin on it.

Mai Fisher’s tenure as head of the United Nations Intelligence Directorate has gone smoother than she expected. She’s weathered the usual world crises, minor personnel issues, and typical long hours away from home. Nothing to discourage her from continuing in a job she thought she couldn’t handle.

As the U.S. presidential election winds down, Mai is caught off-guard when the FBI releases information known only to a few in The Directorate. This blatant attempt by someone in her inner circle to rig an election is a betrayal not only of The Directorate’s highest ideals but also a breach of its protocols.

The Directorate no longer executes traitors in its ranks; only revealing The Directorate’s existence carries that sanction. Mai decides this violation instead meets the standard for extraordinary rendition and solitary confinement for life.

Someone in The Directorate disagrees.

To be concluded in the novelette, Hidden Agendas, coming Summer 2017.

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