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ePub Book: Spy Flash II

In this follow-up to 2012's SPY FLASH, Mai Fisher has left the life of a covert operative behind and has moved into management. As the operational head of the United Nations Intelligence Directorate, she has to rely not only on her knowledge of tradecraft but also on her management skills, something she thinks she lacks. Here are four tales of how she manages her organization's reactions to a diplomatic crisis fomented by the Russian security services, a personal tragedy affecting one of her key personnel, a past mission that had left her with a sense of regret, and an unusual request from the President of the United States during an election year.


ePub Book: Blood Vengeance

Real spies are a special breed. The glamor portrayed on television or in movies is far from the reality experienced by those exceptional individuals who live double lives and risk losing themselves in their surrogate identities. BLOOD VENGEANCE is a compilation of missions experienced by an extraordinary couple who work for the United Nations Intelligence Directorate. From Ireland to the Balkans, Alexei Bukharin and Mai Fisher juggle their personal lives against the demands of their work.



ePub Book: A WAR OF DECEPTION – Special Pricing through 12/31/17

When retired U.N. spy Mai Fisher leaves a diplomatic reception on a cold, rainy night early in the new year of 2001, she dashes for the first cab she sees. The driver has a tattoo Mai has seen before on Serbian paramilitaries. Suspicious, she forces him to admit he was waiting for her–to deliver her to the Russian Mafiya. After almost 40 years as a spy for the United Nations Intelligence Directorate, Alexei Bukharin is glad to be alive to enjoy time with his wife, Mai Fisher, and to finish raising his college-student granddaughter, Natalia. When Mai calls him out of bed to bring her dry clothes after she takes an information drop from a Serbian diplomat, he discovers she’s suffered something that can be death for a spy, retired or otherwise: Someone knows her true identity. A raid on the Mafiya apartment where Mai was to be taken uncovers something more devastating. The thugs have a photograph of Natalia at her university. The investigation becomes two-pronged: Who burned Mai, and why is the Russian underworld interested in Natalia? Their investigation uncovers a Russian mole in the FBI, one who has been selling America’s secrets to the Soviets and the Russian Federation for more than 20 years. When Alexei discovers the reason behind the interest in Natalia, he realizes a decision he made in 1974 has come back to haunt him. Personal needs, professional standards, and a choice from the past collide in a war of deception.





"There are old spies and bold spies, but no old, bold spies because, if you believe all those blockbuster movies and bad novels, they go out in a blaze of gunfire." Edwin Terrell, Jr., has enjoyed his life as a consultant after leaving the CIA. He lives comfortably, has amassed a decent stock portfolio, and even though he's in his sixties, he can look forward to years to come increasing his net worth. That is, until a diagnosis forces him to face the end of his life sooner rather than later. He finds himself in The Hague, where his former lover, Mai Fisher, works for the U.N. War Crimes Tribunal. Terrell wants to die on his own terms, and he wants Mai to see to that. The only problem is years before, Mai's husband, Alexei Bukharin, had declared her and Terrell's now-platonic relationship off limits. Mai, however, will not let her friends die alone, even if it mans putting her marriage in jeopardy. Terrell abandons his plans to go to a French hospice and intends to spend his last days with the woman he could never have. Alexei soon realizes the only thing keeping the dying man alive is that Mai won't let him go. To honor the friendship he and Terrell once had, Alexei has to convince her things need to end, now. In the midst of a dying relationship, a possible new one gets a start in an unlikely place, and old enemies may or may not resolve their differences.






A year after being medevacked from the disintegrating Yugoslavia, U.N. spy Mai Fisher is back. Her new mission: investigating sniper activity in Sarajevo. On a cold, autumn morning she finds herself on the spot in Sniper Alley where, the day before, someone shot a young mother on her way to buy milk for her children. With the help of freelance reporter Zachary Holbrook, Mai finds the proof she needs, but she also feels the pull of justice, not only for this mother but for what Mai lost the year before. Pushing the limits of safety, Mai and Zachary search for the sniper's nest, hoping for a clue to the shooter's identity. Mai's partner--and husband--Alexei Bukharin watches their quest and ponders whether the Balkans have given his wife a death wish. When Mai's focus on her mission costs a life, her desire for justice becomes revenge, but Alexei understands here in the Balkans sometimes vengeance is the only option.





ePub Book: SPY FLASH

From the deserts of Egypt to Parisian markets to the Balkans, take these brief glimpses into two covert operatives’ lives–the personal and the professional. Maitland “Mai” Fisher is a spy because her parents died as spies. She has a legacy to fulfill, and she intends to do that my maintaining her principles. What may conflict with that is she believes in obtaining justice by any means Alexei N. Bukharin defected from the Soviet Union because the Communist system caused the death of his first wife. He is, however, a member of an internal cabal whose aim is to bring down the Soviet Union from the inside and with the help of the United Nations Intelligence Directorate. They make an unsual partnership and an unlikely couple.






Mai Fisher’s tenure as head of the United Nations Intelligence Directorate has gone smoother than she expected. She’s weathered the usual world crises, minor personnel issues, and typical long hours away from home. Nothing to discourage her from continuing in a job she thought she couldn’t handle. As the U.S. presidential election winds down, Mai is caught off-guard when the FBI releases information known only to a few in The Directorate. This blatant attempt by someone in her inner circle to rig an election is a betrayal not only of The Directorate’s highest ideals but also a breach of its protocols. The Directorate no longer executes traitors in its ranks; only revealing The Directorate’s existence carries that sanction. Mai decides this violation instead meets the standard for extraordinary rendition and solitary confinement for life. Someone in The Directorate doesn’t agree.