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May 2017

A War of Deception Front Cover AA War of Deception, my first full-length novel about a Russian mole in the FBI. Click here to purchase.

December 2016

sf-ii-front-coverSpy Flash II, a compilation of four, standard-length short stories on current events. Click here to purchase.

January 2017

a_face_in_the_crowd_cover_for_kindleA Face in the Crowd, a novelette with a sneak preview of the upcoming novel, A War of Deception (to be released late spring). Click here to purchase A Face in the Crowd.


Who Watches the Watchmen? is the first installment of a two-part novelette series based on real events (with my spin on them) surrounding the 2016 election. The second installment, Hidden Agendas, will be out in November 2017. Click here to purchase.


November 2016

skyline2017oscecover6x9x300x2My short story, “Reset,” won the Virginia Writers Club Golden Nib award. You can find “Reset” in the anthology, Skyline 2017. Click here to purchase.


Winner, Second Annual Flashversary Flash Fiction Contest, with “Dreamtime,” magical realism about an aboriginal astrophysicist. To read a two-part interview with me about this story, click here and here.

Top Five, 2014 Short Story Challenge, Round Two, for “Blood and Guts,” historical fiction about a farmer and saving a life.

Finalist, Press 53 AWP Flash Fiction Contest, for “Man on Fire,” a story of PTSD.

Top Five, 2014 Short Story Challenge, Round One, for “Niblets,” a horror story about prisoners used to test genetically modified organisms

Winner, Ampersand Arts Bar Hopping 10-minute Play Contest, for “Yo’ Momma,” a vignette about a woman ordering wine in a bar.


Third Place, WriterHouse Fifth Anniversary Contest, for “Marakata,” a fantasy story about a goddess who falls in love with a mortal man.

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