Book Magnet: What You Have To Do

wyhtd vellumATF Special Agent Karen Wolfe stays busy busting moonshiners and cigarette smugglers in Missouri. There are rumors of something more brewing there: A group of extreme, right-wing, anti-government fanatics may be setting up shop in the Ozark Plateau. But hers is a small office, not likely to be selected by the powers that be in D.C. to monitor the group.

However, to her surprise, the Kansas City office is given the assignment to infiltrate the burgeoning paramilitary group. Karen volunteers almost at once. It takes a lot of convincing, but her boss agrees to give her the assignment. Karen begins studying both the background of such groups and her cover story, but she’s already had a taste of right-wing violence in her own family.

Karen–now Charlene Anderson–begins to attend a Christian Identity church to hear the words of a new leader who calls himself Prophet. Prophet and his mentor notice her “devotion” and invite her to join their compound, Patriot City. There, Karen is so good at playing her part, Prophet assigns her a special duty.

Now, she’s faced with a choice no woman should have: her life or control over her own body.

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