Book Magnet – The Broader Concerns of All Humanity

TBCoAH Cover D2D-3The Directorate has settled into its new location in Geneva, and Mai Fisher is, at last, coming to terms with the move. She and Alexei Bukharin are raising a young Russian orphan, and that whole work/life balance thing seems to be functioning well.

That changes when she sees the name of a new-hire in the U.N. Special and Security Forces–the name of a man, who as a teenager, sent Mai and Alexei down a road to the darkest mission of their careers.

Is it coincidence he shows up in her life twenty-five years later, or is he seeking revenge?

Inside this mini-sequel, you’ll find a sneak preview of A Perfect Hatred: End Times, book one of a four-book series based on a major act of domestic terrorism.

End Times – coming April 19, 2018.

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