One man set on revenge against the government.
One woman determined to stop him.


ET Vellum Cover 2-16-18-3“The end times are here.”

A chance encounter with a skinhead carjacker leads U.N. spies Mai Fisher and Alexei Bukharin to research America’s extreme right-wing, a bleak world of militias, paramilitary compounds, and racist religion.

Then, the U.S. government requests The Directorate’s assistance at a standoff with a religious cult in Killeen, Texas. There, they not only make an enemy of the FBI’s special agent in charge, but Mai also spots a young man among the protesters at the site, a man whose vacant expression reminds her too much of herself.

After the FBI rejects their plan for a peaceful resolution, Mai and Alexei hunt the young man at gun shows around the country. To encounter him, Mai revives a persona from a mission that almost killed her, and Alexei searches for a paramilitary compound to infiltrate. They soon realize these home-grown extremists are serious–and dangerous. They want to dismantle the U.S. government and replace it with an autocracy straight out of their favorite dystopian novel.

Meanwhile, John Thomas Carroll, the man Mai spotted at Killeen, is at the end of his proverbial rope. No job, no prospects for the future, helpless to save the life of a child he loved, he wants to end his life–until he remembers a woman he met at a gun show.

Has Mai Fisher unknowingly given a terrorist a reason to live?

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“You do what you have to do.”

As disgraced IRA soldier Siobhan Dochartaigh, Mai Fisher’s brief contact with a man who piqued her interest at the FBI standoff at Killeen, Texas, wasn’t enough to convince her he’s the one planning revenge for the deaths of the People of the Eternal Light. She needs to encounter him again–and soon.

Alexei Bukharin continues to look for the elusive paramilitary compound Patriot City and is stymied until a chance meeting gives him a lead…and something more, something The Directorate stopped him from doing years ago: hunting the Nazis who executed his father and siblings at Stalingrad.

John Thomas Carroll’s future isn’t quite so dark when he’s with Siobhan, but while his feelings for her deepen, he and his two best friends begin accumulating the supplies for a plan that may have been in the making long before Killeen provided an excuse.

Mai wonders if she was wrong about Carroll. All she sees is a young man with a soft spot for children but who is disgruntled with the government. Unless she finds something concrete, Carroll is a dead end.

As Sergei in Patriot City, Alexei, too, has no tangible evidence anyone is planning an act of terror. The proof is likely on a computer, whose access is limited, and he plots how to get to it and to one of the men who rendered him fatherless.

But also undercover in Patriot City is ATF agent Karen Wolfe, aka Charlene Anderson. “Assigned” to Sergei to make the next generation of Aryan warriors, Karen will do what she has to do to survive.

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Book Three: Descending Spiral

“The choice is yours.”

U.N. spy Mai Fisher knows surveillance is dull, but her subject, John Thomas Carroll, has done things to confirm her suspicions he’s planning revenge against the government for its botched raid on a religious cult in Killeen, Texas. Yet, while work runs smoothly, she is concerned because her partner, Alexei Bukharin, who infiltrated a paramilitary compound, has been out of touch for months.

Alexei is more than ready to leave Patriot City. He’s done things he regrets, and he doesn’t usually indulge in remorse. To assure his survival, his focus shifts from the past to what awaits him at home: his wife and his grandchild.

John Carroll is falling in love with IRA outcast Siobhan Dochartaigh but has a problem balancing that with the mission he’s been given. He doesn’t know Siobhan–Mai Fisher–is collecting evidence against while using him to get even with her partner for what he did while undercover, something threatening the continuation of their partnership.

Mai goes to extremes she swore never to use to break Carroll away from the influence of Patriot City’s Elijah the Prophet. When Carroll wavers, she tells him to choose: her or the destiny Prophet demands Carroll fulfill.

Can Mai–and Alexei–live with the choice Carroll makes?

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Book Four: Collateral Damage

“Is it over?”

Two years of spying all come down to this: Find John Thomas Carroll and prevent him from blowing up a federal building.

An easy task for an intelligence organization with a global reach, right?

Not when Carroll doesn’t want to be found and has a network of right-wing extremists with powerful connections to cover his tracks.

U.N. spy Mai Fisher has stretched her analytical abilities to the limit. She knows why, how, when, and who about the potential bombing, but once the FBI realizes she doesn’t know where, Mai and Alexei Bukharin are on their own. Their search for Carroll is old-school tradecraft–surveillance, pressuring his friends and family, hoping for a lucky break.

Mai’s epiphany comes at an unlikely time and place. The only ones who believe she’s figured out where Carroll will place his bomb are Alexei and a handful of ATF agents. They race against the clock to stop terror in the heartland of America, and Mai faces the possibility she has suffered an inconceivable loss.

Collateral Damage is the stunning conclusion of the landmark series, A Perfect Hatred.

But, is it really over?

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