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My espionage fiction offers a strong, intelligent female protagonist who relies upon her wits not her…uh, anatomy to accomplish her missions. If you like Paretsky’s V.I. Warshawsky, Grafton’s Kinsey Milhone, or J.D. Robb’s Eve Dallas, you’ll love Mai Fisher. Add in her partner (in espionage and more), a handsome, mysterious Soviet defector named Alexei Bukharin; current and past events “ripped from the headlines;” and adventures in some of the world’s hottest hot spots–what more could you ask for?

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Podcast News

As I mentioned in the earlier post today, last week I attended virtually a workshop called “Writing for the Ear.” Not only did we learn about how to structure our writing for the listener, but we got practical tools and experience in creating our very own podcast.

I’ve been posting recordings of my reading excerpts from my books here on the website and calling it the “Real Spies, Real Lives Podcast.” Though I’ve been pushing the podcast on social media, there’s really no way for me to see any analytics, i.e., how many people are listening, if anyone is listening. But with the tools learned at the workshop, I’ve now taken the podcast to a wider distribution, meaning you don’t have to come here to hear it.

Where can you listen?



Google Podcasts:



Spotify! How cool is that?

If you have an RSS app, here is the podcast’s RSS feed:

Probably in the next week or so, I’ll stop posting excerpts on the website–though “Past Podcasts” will stay here–and post exclusively to Anchor, which then distributes the episodes to the other services. I’ll probably alternate weeks with an excerpt and a chat about something writing- or espionage-related.

And…in a few days I could be on Apple Podcasts. Wow! Take a workshop and look what happens: an old dog learned a lot of new tricks.