Authors live for reviews–they make us keep writing. If you’ve read one of my books, please consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Thank you!

Here are some examples of reviews my work has received:

For The Yellow Scarf:

“Phyllis A. Duncan produces flashes of light with the sharpness of a laser pointer. Prolific barely begins to describe her, with a veritable library of novellas and short stories that she has penned, including such titles as The Yellow Scarf, Spy Flash, and Blood Vengeance.  As a graduate of Madison College (now James Madison University) with degrees in history and political science, Duncan incorporates elements of realism into the work that elude lesser writers.

“Though her settings rarely cross under the Mason-Dixon line, Duncan’s roots as a Virginia native give her work richness that might not otherwise exist. Her suspense thriller The Yellow Scarf deals with the tumultuous lives of a husband and wife spy team dodging snipers, terrorists, and doubt in the Balkans. The story opens with Alexei Bukharin attempting to rescue his pregnant wife from the clutches of a terrorist planning to take her baby and then dispose of her. This theme of stolen motherhood reverberates throughout the piece and creates a somber resonance. Short-form aids in the piece’s immediacy, making Duncan’s usage of the form an astute choice.”

Steve McCondichie, SFK Press

For Spy Flash:

Spy Flash isn’t your typical espionage book, and Mai and Alexi aren’t your typical spies — you’ll enjoy them a whole lot more and remember them long after you finish the book.”

Jennie Coughlin

Spy Flash is perfect for those who enjoy spy fiction, a bit of history, intrigue, and good guys winning.”

Michele Rice Carpenter

For Blood Vengeance:

“This is as real and intense as it gets. The stories mix real events with fictional characters in a way that makes everything extremely believable. The fact that those events can be researched on the web, where explicit pictures show the extent of the horror, is hair-raising.”

Steve Grant 

For My Noble Enemy:

“Enjoyed reading My Noble Enemy. Had me with the opening paragraph’s humor.”

Marvin Friedlander

For A War of Deception:

A War of Deception kept me guessing from page 1.”

Anne Inglesias

For A Perfect Hatred: End Times:

“Action packed, fast-paced story from this new to me author. It has a strong plot with strong characters and believable dialogue.”

–from an Amazon review

For The Better Spy:

“Duncan’s collection of stories woven into a novel takes an unusual approach to storytelling. Presented in reverse chronological order, Duncan is able to get deeper into Mai Fisher’s backstory.”

–from an Amazon review