Info for Book Stores/Sellers

If you purchase books from me for an event or signing I’m involved with, I will buy unsold books back from you, like any other publisher. I will charge you the “cost to me” price and provide you the retail price of each book. I’ll also provide the suggested retail price, but you may set it at what you wish. I ask for a 70/30 split: 70% of retail sales to me; 30% to you.

Again, Unexpected Paths will buy back any unsold books for the price you paid for them.

Available Titles

TitleYour PriceSuggested Retail
A Change for the Better$3.03$7.99
Blood Vengeance$2.27$7.99
The Better Spy$3.56$12.99
Spy Flash$2.72$11.95
Spy Flash II$2.87$7.99
My Noble Enemy$2.15$5.99
The Yellow Scarf$2.29$6.99
Who Watches the Watchmen?$2.15$5.99
Hidden Agendas$2.15$5.99
A Face in the Crowd$2.15$5.99
A War of Deception$5.75$14.99
A Perfect Hatred: End Times $6.37$16.99
A Perfect Hatred: Bad Company$4.93$12.99
A Perfect Hatred: Descending Spiral$5.58$14.99
A Perfect Hatred: Collateral Damage$5.91$16.99
Dateline: Belgrade$2.65$5.99
Self-Inflicted Wounds: Welcome to Belgrade$4.43$11.99
Self-Inflicted Wounds: Dangerous Truths$4.64$13.99
Self-Inflicted Wounds: And Justice for All$4.40$11.99

Please submit a separate form for each book.