Damselflies and Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers are coming up in the world–we have our own logo now. Very nice. I’m hoping to see this all over the Internet to show how big this Friday exercise has become.

I’m finally coming down off my Tinker Mountain high (sung to the tune of “Rocky Mountain High”), though I still have to open my notebook and look at the notes from the critique of my novel excerpt–just to make sure I didn’t dream all those nice things people said. I don’t have to pinch myself, thankfully.

Today’s photo prompt you should recognize. It graced the header of Madison Woods’ blog for the whole time we’ve been doing Friday Fictioneers, and I wondered how long before it would be the photo prompt. Turns out it was when Madison migrated her blog to a web site for her own domain name.

For some reason when I saw today’s photo prompt, I remembered a long line of “city boys” I dated from college to…well, a long time. I was much easier on them than my dad was–he always managed to find some country lore or food to embarrass them. (Someday, I’ll write the mountain oyster story.) It was a good weeding out process, I realize now. Decades ago, it would only endear those hapless souls to me more. Such is maturity.

“Not Tonight, Dear” is today’s story, and I’m dedicating it to all those city boys I’ve dated. We weren’t being mean. Honest.

To read more offerings from Friday Fictioneers, go to Madison Woods’ web site and have a read. Better yet, take a stab at writing your own 100-word flash fiction.