Friday Flash Fiction Returns!

I took a little break from Friday Flash Fiction last week to do a Veterans Day tribute, though I had some great ideas for the inspiration photo of a budding corpse flower.

Today’s inspiration photo is a subject close to my own heart. The picture evoked great memories of idling summer Saturdays away on horseback or riding the farm with my Dad. So, here’s the photo:

And here’s the 100-word (exactly!) story, which I call, “Constancy.”
Her loyalty had no end. It would transcend death. Always at my side, ready when I’m ready, rests when I need it, offers kindness. We complete each other. We are extensions of each other by choice not demand.
We can have companionable silence, or we can communicate without words, with a touch, a nudge. And, oh, how we’ve traveled. Uncountable miles, over stream and hedge. Fences do not stop us. We love the open field best. Speed, and the desire for it, is the gift we share.
Still, I can’t help wonder how she manages on just two, spindly legs.
Questions, comments? To read more 100-word stories, go to Madison Woods blog,

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