Second Post of the Day! That’s a Record!

You didn’t think I’d forget Friday Fictioneers, did you?

Here’s the inspiration photo. I’ll admit nothing came to me right away, then, duh, it was obvious.

And here’s the story.

Nut Case

Perfect disguise, they told me. No one will ever notice you, they said.

And I bought it. I put the cynicism aside and went along with our astro-geeks’ plan for observing the bipedal, indigenous life on the exo-planet they found. Their arguments were convincing, I’ll admit, but I should have listened to the little voice in my head that said, “What? Are they nuts?” Uh, no pun intended.

I mean, I understand you can’t land the mothership in someone’s backyard and do the “Take me to your leader” thing. I get that.

But why didn’t they notice the damned squirrels?

Want more 100-word fiction? Go to Madison Woods‘ blog and have fun reading them.

4 thoughts on “Second Post of the Day! That’s a Record!

  1. Hilarious, and clever – AND you saw the Alien invasion also. We women have a 6th sense about nature, I think.
    BUT – you forgot to put your link into the Madison page. I just clicked on your name and came here, but I am afraid no one else did and your story is too good to miss!

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