Politics Wednesday – Rhetorical (or not) Questions

Why is it that the health care mandate is infringing upon our freedom but forcing a woman to have a medically unnecessary ultrasound is not?

Why does health insurance cover the cost of Viagra but not birth control? Or vasectomies but not tubal ligations?

Why would we entertain the presidency of a man who needs a car elevator in his oceanside mansion in California?

Why would Rick Santorum call Romney the “worst possible Republican to run against Barack Obama” one day then concede he’d do whatever the country needed for him to do when asked if he’d be Romney’s VEEP?

Why did Justice Clarence Thomas “forget” to include his wife’s income from various right-wing, anti-health care organizations on his financial disclosure statements when the documents clearly ask for that information? Ancillary question: Why wasn’t he disciplined for that? Second ancillary question: Why hasn’t he recused himself? Third ancillary question: Why doesn’t he ever speak during oral arguments?

Did Medicare pay for Dick Cheney’s heart implant? (No, that’s not a typo.) If so, do the Republicans (especially Rep. Paul Ryan) know that?

Can George Zimmerman sleep at night, knowing he stalked and killed a 17-year old holding a can of Arizona Tea and a bag of Skittles? No, seriously, how does he live with himself?

Why does anyone with a vagina support Republicans?

When did conservatives decide being mean, vindictive, and hateful was an election strategy?

Why are we still fighting two wars and contemplating others, because, you know, the others have been so successful? (That was sarcasm.)

Why do people who call themselves Christians act so un-Christ-like to other religions or to Atheists?

Why do Republicans lie about, well, just about anything?

Why does a Presidential candidate need a lobbyist to get his house plans approved by a local government entity?

Has Newt Gingrich forgotten what hypocrisy means? Or does he really just believe that we should listen to him and ignore his actions, past and present?

Is Ron Paul really that cantankerous or is it an act?

Since Rick Santorum is a devout, practicing Catholic who believes that sex is only for the purpose of procreation, have he and his wife stopped having sex? Same question for Newt and Callista.

Don’t you think people who are sanctimonious about religion should be above reproach or else just shut up about it?

Since when did having a college education, something that the Greatest Generation fought to assure for their children, make you a snob?

Why was an Iraq vet who asked a perfectly legitimate question of a Republican governor called an idiot? Is this how we’re supposed to treat the people whose asses were actually in danger while your large posterior occupied any number of creaking chairs?

Why are we blaming an article of clothing for the death of a 17 year-old youth instead of the man who put a 9 mm round in his chest for the audacity of walking in a gated community? Why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that if black Trayvon Martin had shot and killed white George Zimmerman, Martin would be in jail now or, more likely, would have been shot by the police responding to the 9-1-1 calls?

Why do I persist in asking questions that only upset me and should upset you?

Because someone has to.

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