Story Cube Challenge – Week 4

Yesterday’s Rory’s Story Cubes prompt from Jennie Coughlin’s Welcome to Exeter blog put the challenge in the Story Cubes Challenge. At first glance, I thought perhaps Week 4 of the challenge was going to do me in. I wasn’t sure how to work each of these actions or objects into something coherent. And, frankly, perhaps I still haven’t.

Here is the story cubes prompt:

I interpreted the cubes as: (l to r) hit, clothes on a line, agreement, thief/burglar/theft, a present, at a crossroads, shouting, a magic wand, and a padlock.

To read the story I wrote from this, “Resolve,” click here. (Or hover your cursor over Story Book Challenge then click on “Resolve.”)

I’m almost afraid to see what Week 5 will bring.

Enjoy, and, please, leave a comment about what you liked or didn’t like. How else will I learn? ;-D

I live for your constructive comments.

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