Back by Popular Demand

When Madison Woods posted the inspiration photo for today’s Friday Fictioneers, I warned her there’d be leprechauns–you’ll see why when you take a look at the photo and my story here. (If you don’t see the word to click on, hover your cursor over the Friday Fictioneers tab above, and select “Sure, and It’s Hard Work Being Wee Folk.”) Then, go to Madison’s blog to see what other Friday Fictioneers made of the photo.

My Irish grandmother was considered a wee bit quaint when she clung to believing in the wee folk even after she came to America. Every night, she left a small bowl of milk and bread outside wherever she lived. When I was very little, I was amazed the bowl would be empty every morning. As I grew older, logic and reason prevailed, but she’d have none of my explanations about cats and dogs taking her offering for the wee folk. Embarrassing when you’re a teenager; endearing now.

So, for today’s Friday Fictioneers, I brought back two characters from the story, “Lupruchan,” I wrote for the February 10, 2012, Friday Fictioneers challenge–Seamus and Declan, two wee folk I now imagine were the ones who cleaned my grandmother’s nightly dish of milk and bread.

Remember, we all love your comments on our 100-word stories, and feel free to re-blog mine or post the link on your own blog. If you’ve never given the Friday Fictioneers challenge a try, why not make this week your debut?

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