Friday Fictioneers!

The cool thing about being a writer is you can look at a common, everyday thing and find something sinister in it. And not just find something sinister, you write a story about it, and, then, you and the readers never look at that commonplace thing the same way again. You, the writer, did that, changed the everyday to the mystical, the horrible, the sinister, or the romantic.

Okay, I rarely turn things into something romantic, but I’m sure one day I will.

I hope you remember this week’s story, “Shadows,” the next time you wash your hands or take a shower or fill the bathtub.

If you don’t see the link on the title, “Shadows,” above, hover your cursor over the Friday Fictioneers tab above and select it from the drop-down menu. To read other offerings by other Friday Fictioneers, click the link “Click to view/add Link” after the story.

I live for your constructive comments.

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