Keep Calm and Be A Friday Fictioneer

Friday Fictioneers LogoAnother short post for Friday Fictioneers. You can probably see from my earlier post that I’m rocking National Novel Writing Month this year–I’ve already passed the 30,000-word mark after one week. (Insert shit-eating grin here.)

I did manage a little extra creative juice for a 100-word story entitled “Sentinel.” If you don’t see the link on the title in the line about, scroll to the top of the page, click on the Friday Fictioneers tab, and select the story from the drop-down list.

And tune in later today for another excerpt from my NaNoWriMo project.

2 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Be A Friday Fictioneer

  1. Hi there. Good to see you so busy and creative! Are you able to send me the lovely picture(s) you took of Ted last summer?
    Would love to hear back from you. Much appreciated.
    or snailmail:
    Lucy Tauber Brysk
    4269 Hawk Street
    San Deigo, CA 92103

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