New Author Web Site

For the past several years, I’ve combined my author website (which every social media advisor says an author must have) with my writing blog (another apparent must for a writer) right here on this site, Unexpected Paths. It worked well in the beginning, but now it’s a bit of a muddle. Hence, the decision to create a separate web page which contains my bio, publishing history, contact info, events, etc. Though the new webpage is published, it’s still a draft as far as I’m concerned, and I’ll be making changes and enhancements to it in the next few days.

Click here for the new website.

Unexpected Paths will continue to be the site for my writing blog and for publishing my Friday Fictioneers and Flash! Friday stories, in addition to blog posts about writing, writing conferences, and, well, all things writing. It’s appearance may change somewhat, but for the most part the change will be seamless.

I’d appreciate any comments you might have on the new site–anything to make it better!