Haiku 366-230 to -250

Haiku 366-230 (8/16/16)

feet in warm water
selecting the right color
simple pleasure

Haiku 366-231 (8/17/16)

machine scans vote
paper retained
now make the right choice

Haiku 366-232 (8/18/16)

a quiet day
creativity grows
stifled by barking dogs

Haiku 366-233 (8/19/16)

magic color wards off aging
my hairdresser knows
sealed lips

Haiku 366-234 (8/20/16)

summer burns full force
retreat into the cool
missing fresh air

Haiku 366-235 (8/21/16)

July has a distinction
now the hottest ever
believe it

Haiku 366-236 (8/22/16)

Write in
take trash out
calendar reminders

Haiku 366-237 (8/23/16)

(A note of explanation: I’m an authorized wedding officiant in my state.)

weekend weather forecast
hot and humid
outdoor weddings should be banned

Haiku 366-238 (8/24/16)

the best about school
being line leader
kindergarten joy

Haiku 366-239 (8/25/16)

prepare wedding ceremony
such pomp and circumstance
will it hold

Haiku 366-240 (8/26/16)

I hold the grandchildren
he never met
my arms are his

Haiku 366-241 (8/27/16)

pronounced husband and wife
oh shit
priceless bride response

Haiku 366-242 (8/28/16)

I planned to spit
on someone’s grave
automotive karma

Haiku 366-243 (8/29/16)

write in and choir practice
take trash out
sensing a pattern

Haiku 366-244 (8/30/16)

were we still together
would we enjoy his 73rd

Haiku 366-245 (8/31/16)

birthday cookies
playing games
she’s no baby anymore

Haiku 366-246 (9/1/16)

cooler weather promised
Hermine heads for land
we’ll see

Haiku 366-247 (9/2/16)

party HQ opens
I’m ready for her
have been all my life

Haiku 366-248 (9/3/16)

dinner with cranky kids
young and old
two beers not enough

Haiku 366-249 (9/4/16)

I endure church
so I can sing
I hum through the talk of god

Haiku 366-250 (9/5/16)

day to honor labor
but laborers dishonored
revive Joe Hill

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