Interview, Part 2

To read the second part of Jan Bowman’s interview with me, click here. If you don’t see the link, click on the About Me tab above, and you’ll see the link there.

I always enjoy being interviewed by other writers, and Jan’s insightful questions were great.


And I’m Interviewed…Again!

I’ve been pretty popular lately–three interviews in six weeks. Really, all that means is that I like to talk. My friends know that’s true.

This one, though, is special because it was conducted by a new writer friend, Jan Bowman, whom I met at Tinker Mountain Writers Workshop. Not only were we in the Stretching Your Fiction class taught by Pinckney Benedict, but we were dorm-mates as well. And I tell you, this veteran of Tinker Mountain knows how to prepare for the week-long workshop: many varieties of wine and snacks so the evenings were, ahem, lively.

To read part one of the interview, click here or hover your cursor over the About Me tab above and click on the link there.