Friday Fiction Rolls Around Again!

We had an interesting picture for today’s Friday Fictioneers, but it took all day for some inspiration to hit me. Here’s the picture, of a long-buried stick of dynamite one hopes is inert.
I call this 100-word fiction, “Homeland Security”
“9-1-1. State your emergency.”
“My husband brought a stick of dynamite into the house.”
“Dynamite? Are you certain?”
“Well, that’s what he says it is. Can you send the bomb squad here or something? I mean, it’s old and corroded. Harmless, right?”
“Ma’am, what is your husband doing with dynamite?”
“What? It’s not his dynamite. He found it. If you just send the bomb squad to get it…”
“Just a moment, ma’am.”
“Hello? Hello?”
The front door crashed open. A bright flash and loud bang. Men with guns. Shouting and confusion.
“Hands up!”
Her husband was so in trouble.
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