Friday Fictioneers Fun

It’s funny how you can look at an inspiration photo the first time and get nuttin’. Then sometimes, you look at the photo, and the story pops, fully formed, into your head. And it’s the most absurd (in a funny way) idea you’ve had in a while. Then, it turns into a piece of great fun which reminds you that Friday Fictioneers is just that, fun, but the kind of fun where you can hone your craft. So, it’s serious fun.

And, I got to Google “moth reproduction”–certainly a first for me.

Over the years, I’ve been told my dialogue is great–realistic, rings true, expositive. So, with Friday Fictioneers, I’ve tended to write narratives because dialogue is something I don’t have to focus on every day. Last week’s story, “Sure, and It’s Hard Being Wee Folk,” was dialogue plus dialogue tags and got more than seventy reads and 100 percent positive comments. Yay, me!

I also like to play around, now and then, with dialogue with no tags–so you have no indication of the speakers’ genders (or species) or their relationship, but I thought twice about doing an all-dialogue story two weeks in a row. However, the subjects of this week’s story wouldn’t be silenced. I hope you enjoy “Moth Love,” or as a friend called it “Moth Porn”–just imagine cheesy music playing in the background. (If you don’t see the link to click in the title, “Moth Love,” hover your cursor over the Friday Fictioneers tab above, and select it from the drop-down menu.)

To participate in Friday Fictioneers, go to Madison Woods’ blog and leave a link to your story in the comments to hers, then read some of the offerings. Pretty soon you’ll see time has passed while you’re having fun, and you’ll probably be late for work. Oh well.

Please feel free to leave constructive feedback on mine.

2 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers Fun

  1. Phyllis, I’m collecting feedback about how being a Fictioneer has helped members, and about how the postcards are being used. Do you mind if I pull a quote if needed from the paragraph’s above? I have an article coming up in InDTales magazine about the postcards but I will also be talking about the Fictioneers. Plus, we’ll be coordinating a contest with 100 cards to the winner (with the winning story and customized on the back for the winner’s marketing needs). So stay tuned!

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