Friday Fictioneers’ New Era

This is our first Friday Fictioneers under our new “management,” Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Not only was the prompt up bright and early on Wednesday morning, but Rochelle had posted her own story by Wednesday afternoon. Way to hit the ground running, Rochelle!

Last week, my story had a bit of a political touch, and some people didn’t like that. Well, too bad. If you read any of my longer fiction, you know my political leanings are not hidden. It’s called an allegory of self for writers, and it is what it is. If you don’t like my political leanings, don’t read what I write; it’s that simple. However, if you do read a Friday Fictioneers story, I expect a critique on the writing, not my politics. I’ve read plenty of Friday Fictioneer offerings where I don’t like the genre, or the situation, or the politics, but I comment on the writing.

I do, however, have a political blog separate from this blog, which is, well, my writing blog. If you want to challenge my politics, do so at Politics Wednesday, but a brief warning here. I’m a political scientist and historian and, therefore, an inveterate fact-checker. Be civil, and we’ll have an intelligent discourse. Be a troll, and you’ll get deleted. Again, that simple.

This week’s story, “Shrine,” is an homage to those who serve this country and to those who wait at home. ‘Nuff said.

Until we get the transition all straightened out, to read other Friday Fictioneers, go to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ blog and check them out.