Cover Reveal!

No, not the cover for Book One of my upcoming tetralogy–I’m having…issues, but let’s not discuss that now.

Before my debut novel, A War of Deception, came out last May, I issued a “mini-sequel,” a novelette about one of the minor characters, A Face in the Crowd. My editor pointed out I left a character sitting in an interrogation room without any hint what happened to him. After I added a short chapter to address that and sent it to her, she said, “Great, but what happens to him. That’s not for this book, but I wish you’d give us a glimpse.”

And that’s how A Face in the Crowd came about.

It was also a great way to stir some interest in A War of Deception. A Face in the Crowd contained a sneak preview of the associated novel.

Second Novel Coming Out

On April 19, 2018, my second novel, A Perfect Hatred: End Times (the first book of a four-book series) will come out, and once again there was a minor character who served his purpose but who doesn’t continue through the four books. The character is a fifteen year old boy who is a skinhead wannabe, and he sets Mai Fisher and her partner, Alexei Bukharin, onto the darkest mission of their careers when he tries to car-jack Mai. He comes in again at the end of the book, to be shipped off to a juvenile offender bootcamp in France. And that’s it.

Except…what happened to him after that?

Well, you’ll have to read “A Broader Concern for All Humanity” to find out. This is a short story but also has a teaser for End Times. It should be published on all the major eBook outlets within a week, and I’ll have some paperback copies of it available for giveaways within a couple of weeks.

But as for now, take a look at this awesome cover!


TBCoAH Cover D2D-3

I know! Isn’t it, well, awesome?

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