Haiku 366-181 to -190

Haiku 366-181 (6/28)

creativity flows like flood
social event forgotten
obsessed writer

Haiku 366-182 (6/29)

sun shines at last
energy expended


Haiku 366-183 (6/30)

halfway through
self-imposed task
what have I learned

Haiku 366-183 marks the halfway point in writing 366 haiku in 2016, a leap year. What have I learned? This is way harder than I thought, that sometimes you have to be less about rigid structure and more about expressing a thought, that you can be serious or funny, and that I still have a long way to go before I can call myself a poet. The next half begins below!

Haiku 366-184 (7/1)

pampered feet
holiday weekend
roads avoided

Haiku 366-185 (7/2)

celebration of life
carnival not funeral
make mine that way

Haiku 366-186 (7/3)

tomorrow is its day
early start tonight

Haiku 366-187 (7/4)

two hundred forty years
in some ways
we’ve grown so little

Haiku 366-188 (7/5)

a new Tarzan
evokes fantasies
tree house love

Haiku 366-189 (7/6)

politics grows tiresome
lifelong dream in doubt
ceiling cracks filled by fear

Haiku 366-190 (7/7)

For Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, the latest two on a list that is way, way too long.

remember the names
too many on the list
when will black lives matter

I live for your constructive comments.

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