Haiku 366-191 to -209

Haiku 366-191 (7/8/16)

playground and toy store
sprinkler and movies
and still they’re bored

Haiku 366-192 (7/9/16)

solo, certificates and ratings
women can fly
not surprising

Haiku 366-193 (7/10/16)

would-be ninety-year-old
stopped at fifty-six
because he wanted to

Haiku 366-194 (7/11/16)

kayaking on the James
let’s trade places

Haiku 366-195 (7/12/16)

rain lamented in May and June
longed-for now
almost drought

Haiku 366-196 (7/13/16)

age more evident
sometimes more than others
preferred alternative

Haiku 366-197 (7/14/16)

the body will tell you
when something’s wrong

Haiku 366-198 (7/15/16)

black lives still don’t matter
as much as blue
the question needs an answer

Haiku 366-199 (7/16/16)

writing gives voice
to rage
I should no longer feel

Haiku 366-200 (7/17/16)

(Two hundred down; one hundred sixty-six to go!)

another haiku
milestone surpassed
failure is not an option

Haiku 366-201 (7/18/16)

parade of hate
disguised civility

Haiku 366-202 (7/19/16)

no immigrants here
except the pretty one
even if she steals

Haiku 366-203 (7/20/16)

Hate multiplies
when does it end
if not now never

Haiku 366-204 (7/21/16)

these words sound no better
than they did in Russian
or German

Haiku 366-205 (7/22/16)

Mamo has no pool
but the Jacuzzi
will do for now

Haiku 366-206 (7/23/16)

thirty-seven years ago
oath taken
still upheld

Haiku 366-207 (7/24/16)

sunset paints mountains red
seen from the window
where I write darkness

Haiku 366-208 (7/25/16)

history has shown
this is our 1930’s
if we allow it

Haiku 366-209 (7/26/16)

if they won’t read my words
maybe they’ll eat
my cooking

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