Haiku 366-210 through -222

Haiku 366-210 (7/27/16)

sixty-four and one-quarter
wise beyond years
who knew

Haiku 366-211 (7/28/16)

thirteen years pass
milestones missed
seems like yesterday

Haiku 366-212 (7/29/16)

water and bath toys
soaking tub
becomes pool

Haiku 366-213 (7/30/16)

a town transforms
wizards of all ages visit

Haiku 366-214 (7/31/16)

For Chloe:

in her is her mother
attitude and all
a niece’s mini-me

Haiku 366-215 (8/1/16)

little girl with astronaut dreams
grows up
still looks to space

Haiku 366-216 (8/2/16)

three months to go
history made
either way

Haiku 366-217 (8/3/16)

short stories
no more flash in the pan
harder than it looks

Haiku 366-218 (8/4/16)

life would be calm
if not for glitches
why me

Haiku 366-219 (8/5/16)

dinner and bourbon
writerly conversation

Haiku 366-220 (8/6/16)

common customs unite
a large family
my tribe writes

Haiku 366-221 (8/7/16)

Ichiro’s three thousand
A-Rod’s farewell
baseball makes you laugh and cry

Haiku 366-222 (8/8/16)

her giggle melts ice
attitude of a teen
first day of school

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