Haiku 366-223 to -229

Haiku 366-223 (8/9/16)

stories compel me
to write them down
they live to be told

Haiku 366-224 (8/10/16)

award-winning poem
but prose is the decision

Haiku 366-225 (8/11/16)

a son’s birthday
a mother’s death
circle of life

Haiku 366-226 (8/12/16)

to boldly go
where I long to go
final frontier reboot

Haiku 366-227 (8/13/16)

feels like 100 degrees
even in the shade
my house is cool

Haiku 366-228 (8/14/16)

afternoon play
evening concert
culture in bunches

Haku 366-229 (8/15/16)

lunchtime music
savage beast soothed
for a while

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