Haiku 366-109 to -117

Haiku 366-109 4/17/16

sundays belong to someone’s god
mine belong to me

Haiku 366-110 4/18/16

to-do list grows
tasks multiply
spring renewal

Haiku 366-111 4/19/16

all remember
Oklahoma City
caused by forgotten Waco

Haiku 366-112 4/20/16

mother daughter
our day forever

Haiku 366-113 4/21/16

builder’s upgrades upgraded
feet pampered toes polished
birthday month

Haiku 366-114 4/22/16

at family dinner
head lice announced
glad for noisy restaurant

Haiku 366-115 4/23/16

spring day too nice
to be indoors
making decisions

Haiku 366-116 4/24/16

after Earth Day sunshine
Irish skin wakes
to sunburn

Haiku 366-117 4/25/16

a day warm enough
to recognize
air conditioning needed

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