Haiku 366-139 to 159

Haiku 366-139 (5/17/16)

unending rain
hints of sunshine
ark-building postponed


Haiku 366-140 (5/18/16)

sunshine teases
like a virgin whore
spring moss obscures


Haiku 366-141 (5/19/16)

stage make-up and tu-tus
five-year-old obsessions
hoping this passes


Haiku 366-142 (5/20/16)

tiny ballerina
brilliant smile
heart melted


Haiku 366-143 (5/21/16)

from mountaintops
clouds like smoke rise
spring sun shrouded still


Haiku 366-144 (5/22/16)

never drawn to the sun
its rare appearance
calls to me


Haiku 366-145 (5/23/16)

feed the cold or starve the fever
who cares
just go away


Haiku 366-146 (5/24/16)

weeks of rain
sinuses give up and give in
binge-watching from bed


Haiku 366-147 (5/25/16)

vitamin c and bed-rest
fluids ingested
sinuses healing


Haiku 366-148 (5/26/16)

chalk ghosts haunt the sidewalk
talk of bees and ants
spring babysitting


Haiku 366-149 (5/27/16)

family dinners
hectic and harried
not to be missed


Haiku 366-150 (5/28/16)

sky full of blue
good food and friends
writing talk abounds


Haiku 366-151 (5/29/16)

unlikely Sunday school teacher
says goodbye
to her OWLs


Haiku 366-152 (5/30/16)

remember war dead
but don’t forget
some lived with a heavy burden


Haiku 366-153 (5/31/16)

unrelenting sunshine
farmers will soon call
for rain


Haiku 366-154 (6/1/16)

men write of rape
make it romantic
karma awaits


Haiku 366-155 (6/2/16)

front-porch breakfast
a curiosity
formicidae await crumbs


Haiku 366-156 (6/3/16)

you know dinner’s a success
when you have to wash
the tablecloth


Haiku 366-157 (6/4/16)

sleepover at mamo’s
how sweet the sounds
of children sleeping at last


Haiku 366-158 (6/5/16)

skeptical I’ll get
two hours of angelic behavior
fooled mamo


Haiku 366-159 (6/6/16)

men and boys of many nations
on a French beach
saved a world

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