Haiku 366-160 to 169

Since Sunday evening I’ve been at my yearly writergasm, Tinker Mountain Writers Workshop. My workshop this year is “Plot and Storytelling,” presented by Pinckney Benedict. I brought a novel excerpt and three short stories to be critiqued. I’ve always known having sets of eyes other than your own and your besties look at your work is ideal, but I had it proved to me tangibly. Not a slap to the face. More a self-induced head-slap and a “Duh!” A few comments from Pinckney, and I had an epiphany on how to salvage a story I’ve submitted countless times, only to have it rejected the same amount. That, my dears, was worth the workshop’s cost.

Priceless as well are the hours spent in writerly conversations with memoirists, poets, and purveyors of fiction, like myself. (There may have been liquor consumed, but I’m not telling tales out of school. No ma’am, not I.) A craft talk by Hollins University professor Thorpe Moeckel gave me an idea for a chapbook of my Haiku 366, and I got some resources for if and when I pull the cord on that.

And there’s still two days left to go!

Here are the haiku I wrote leading up to Tinker Mountain and while I’ve been thus far:

Haiku 366-160 6/7/16

what I have awaited
my whole life
one step closer

Haiku 366-161 6/8/16

gray roots covered
unashamed of age
no need to advertise

Haiku 366-162 6/9/16

he’s breathing my air
she’s looking at me
school’s out

Haiku 366-163 6/10/16

a week ahead
flies the mind
anticipating truth

Haiku 366-164 6/11/16

to-do list tells me
to leave my unoccupied
house pristine

Haiku 366-165 6/12/16

a drive of eighty miles
is the right distance
for enlightenment

Haiku 366-166 6/13/16

new day of mountain air
fills my head
with awareness

Haiku 366-167 6/14/16

old friend’s birthday
flag day
the former is more important

Haiku 366-168 6/15/16

pinholes give
a new perspective
camera obscura

Haiku 366-169 6/16/16

eight hours
sleep uninterrupted
bring on the critique baby

I live for your constructive comments.

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