Haiku 366-170 and -171

Why is it all the fun stuff flies by, but the daily grind of life plods along? I suppose it’s because we’re hard-wired for pleasure. Set me down in front of my computer with Scrivener open, and I’m happy as a clam, full of endorphins, and all that. Show me a sink full of dishes or a countertop strewn with a few days’ mail or, worse yet, a couple of toilets needing to be cleaned, and I’m far down in the dumps.

Maybe that’s why I like Tinker Mountain Writer’s Workshop. For a week, I have a place to sleep, my meals are provided, and all I have to do is read others’ writing, talk about writing, and, well, write. And the days whiz by.

On Sunday night, after meeting with your workshop instructor, you’re flat-out orgasmic that you have five days–FIVE WHOLE DAYS–of writerly stuff ahead of you. Then, you wake up on Thursday morning and think, WTF, there’s only two days left? Friday afternoon you’re packing your car and wondering why did something so good go by so fast.

This workshop is the equivalent of cramming a graduate-level seminar into a week and far more intensive than the typical low-res MFA residency, and this is according to the workshop instructors. We have fun. We get down deep and dirty into everyone’s manuscript. We make writer friends. We eat, sleep, drink, and talk about writing. If that hasn’t convinced you this is worth your time and money, I don’t know what will.

Registration for next year’s workshop won’t open until the end of this year, but go to the Tinker Mountain Writers Workshop website and look it over. (You might see a photo and testimonial from someone you might recognize.)

And here are two more haiku:

Haiku 366-170 (6/17/16)

praise and validation
lessons learned
better writer emerges

Haiku 366-171 (6/18/16) (For Rebekah and Deb)

feet pound pavement
I pound a keyboard
creative half-marathons

I live for your constructive comments.

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