Haiku 366-97 through -102

Adulting can certainly take time away from the fun things of life, like writing haiku, but I’m determined to meet that goal of 366 haiku in 2016.

Haiku 366-97 (April 6)

I had a routine doctor’s appointment on April 6, but I was also babysitting my five-year-old granddaughter. I empathized we were going to the doctor but for me, not her. She wanted to know if I were going to get a shot in my leg because the last time she had to go to the doctor, she got one. I said, no, that the doctor and I were going to chat and go over some blood work results. She promised to be good, and she had her Kindle with her to play games. Later as we headed home, I treated her to her favorite place for lunch and thanked her for being so patient and good. “Mamo,” she said, “sometimes you have to step up your attitude.” She’s five, remember. So, this haiku is for Emi.

sweet baby becomes
little girl who
steps up her attitude

Haiku 366-98 (April 7)

The weather on this day was beyond weird. One minute sunshine and blue sky; the next thick, leaden clouds and thunderstorms.

april sky alternates
sunshine and lightning
polar vortex spring

Haiku 366-99 (April 8)

I traveled to New Market, VA, for the opening night of a play starring a friend’s young daughter. It was a play for kids, but the message was strong (girls don’t need boys to rescue them and it would be wrong to kill the world’s last dragon). This is for Natalya:

budding actress debuts
talent shines
parents pride

Haiku 366-100 (April 9)

A big milestone: my 100th haiku of the year!

one hundred haiku later
don’t call me poet

Haiku 366-101 (April 10)

The cold weather was awful this weekend for farmers who grow produce for our local farmers markets. They erected impromptu hot houses and brought heaters out into the fields, and everyone felt as if March and April had switched places.

hard freeze and snow flurries
pester farmers
does the calendar lie

Haiku 366-102 (April 11)

With very dry air and a few days of high winds, fire season came a little early. As I sat in my office doing some editing today, I watched the top of New Hope Mountain smoke in a forest fire, but it looked like something else.

blue mountain belches smoke
forest fire
writer’s eye sees volcano

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