Spy Flash – Week 28

I said you might get another Spy Flash story rather quickly, and never let it be said I’m not a writer of her word. (I think that might be a pun.)

Week 28’s story, “Delicate Sensibilities,” is somewhat of a sequel to “Hero Worship,” posted yesterday. “Delicate Sensibilities” takes place about a year after the events in “Hero Worship,” again in the late 1980’s.

Here’s the roll of the cubes:

l. to r. – a rainbow; dancing; earth/world/globe; a magnet; sadness/dismay; a book; a clock/4 o’clock; hanging on/doing chin-ups; waking to an alarm

As usual, if you don’t see the link on the title, “Delicate Sensibilities,” above, click on the Spy Flash 2 tab at the top of the page and select it from the drop-down menu. If you want to give the Rory’s Story Cube Challenge a try, write a story of any length based on the items and actions pictured above, then put a link to your story in a comment below or at Jennie Coughlin’s blog.

I live for your constructive comments.

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