Haiku 366-251 to -270

Haiku 366-251 (9/6/16)

a yellow leaf
a hint of orange
fall tests the water

Haiku 366-252 (9/7/16)

(re: our $38 billion—with a b—payment to Israel)

our infrastructure sags
strong Israeli wall

Haiku 366-253 (9/8/16)

exploding cell phones
we can do without

Haiku 366-254 (9/9/16)

For Tyre King

black lives matter
black lives matter
until they don’t

Haiku 366-255 (9/10/16)

On the death of Edward Albee

dialogue that bit
Virginia son

Haiku 366-256 (9/11/16)

a decade and a half
memory dims
still cannot watch

Haiku 366-257 (9/12/16)

For Terence Crutcher

black lives matter
until they don’t
we have to face why

Haiku 366-258 (9/13/16)

two men steal a bag
they needed it
but not its bomb

Haiku 366-259 (9/14/16)

blade flashes
blood stains
ISIS in Minnesota

Haiku 366-260 (9/15/16)

On the death of Charmian Carr

when she sang
sixteen going on seventeen
she sang for us all

Haiku 366-261 (9/16/16)

For Keith Lamont Scott

black lives
didn’t matter
three times this month

Haiku 366-262 (9/17/16)

settling for
second best
not my thing

Haiku 366-263 (9/18/16)

hyphenated no more

Haiku 366-264 (9/19/16)

Monday afternoons
SWAG write-in

Haiku 366-265 (9/20/16)

unashamed knee-jerk bleeding-hearts
except of those who say
lock her up

Haiku 366-266 (9/21/16)

(After this one, 100 to go!) On the death of Jose Fernandez

a boat carried him here
to bring the high heat
there is crying in baseball

Haiku 366-267 (9/22/16)

for the sake
of my blood pressure
no debate for me

Haiku 366-268 (9/23/16)

Inspired by the Headline “Police Kill Black Man in San Diego”

the month’s total stands at four
black lives don’t matter
only slave auctions

Haiku 366-269 (9/24/16)

writers in the house
talking writing
Google Hangouts rocks

Haiku 366-270 (9/25/16)

veto overridden
rejoice and be glad
wait, they can sue us?


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