Haiku 366-271 to -286

Haiku 366-271 (9/26/16)

parent killed check
school kids shot check
like Adam Lanza

Haiku 366-272 (9/27/16)

weather cools
looking forward to a cozy fire
gasless oops

Haiku 366-273 (9/28/16)

On the death of Gloria Naylor

women of brewster place
opened my eyes
black women’s lives matter too

Haiku 366-274 (9/29/16)

Christie knew about the bridge
Johnson doesn’t know anything
not bliss

Haiku 366-275 (9/30/16)

flip a switch
fire blooms
envious homo erectus

Haiku 366-276 (10/1/16)

when insulin pods die
no need to panic
repeat to convince me

Haiku 366-277 (10/2/16)

For Carnell Snell, Jr.

a black life didn’t matter
maybe not tomorrow

Haiku 366-278 (10/3/16)

dear hurricane matthew
Haitu doesn’t need you
why won’t you listen

Haiku 366-279 (10/4/16)

last month oil
this month headlight
perils of a vintage car

Haiku 366-280 (10/5/16)

dance class
tiny prima ballerinas
divas in training

Haiku 366-281 (10/6/16)

Facebook Twitter Instagram
Pinterest LinkedIn
whither writers

Haiku 366-282 (10/7/16)

a day with writer peeps
why not every day

Haiku 366-283 (10/8/16)

who says
Shakespeare and politics
don’t mix

Haiku 366-284 (10/9/16)

gave up atonement
at my last confession
don’t need it now

Haiku 366-285 (10/10/16)

you’ll be in jail
is not how we roll
the Putin effect

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