Haiku 366-287 to -305

Haiku 366-287 (10/11/16)

words on a page
my life’s work
something to say

Haiku 366-288 (10/12/16)

celebrate the voyage
indigenous genocide
only in America

Haiku 366-289 (10/13/16)

truth hides behind color
staving off old age
roots don’t lie

Haiku 366-290 (10/14/16)

riding trails replaced
houses like spores
you can’t go home again

Haiku 366-291 (10/15/16)

promises made
rings exchanged
happy for now

Haiku 366-292 (10/16/16)

baseball and racing
father and brother
I watch because they can’t

Haiku 366-293 (10/17/16)

all war is based upon deception
Sun Tzu says
my novel complete

Haiku 366-294 (10/18/16)

claims of rigged elections
voter intimidation

Haiku 366-295 (10/19/16)

binders of women
replaced by nasty women
we revel

Haiku 366-296 (10/20/16)

nasty women with vagendas
in their rightful place
White House

Haiku 366-297 (10/21/16)

For Will Reed

whose voice will I follow
now that his is gone
the day the music died

Haiku 366-298 (10/22/16)

brisk air invigorates
clear skies stark

Haiku 366-299 (10/23/16)

not-quite siblings
memories good and bad

Haiku 366-300 (10/24/16)

Only 66 to go!

queen autumn
revel in its beauty
sinuses disagree

Haiku 366-301 (10/25/16)

For the loss of my friend, Elizabeth LaGrua

champion for justice and peace
history missed
she made her own

Haiku 366-302 (10/26/16)

In eight short years
a personal hero
my Ollie

Haiku 366-303 (10/27/16)

today should have been the day
for Medicare
writers instead

Haiku 366-304 (10/28/16)

American league east
let me down
et tu Cubbies

Haiku 366-305 (10/29/16)

maimed at Lughnassadh
sun god dies
but not today

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